Welcome to ็žฌ้–“็งปๅ‹•, a little "one-page shrine" to other collective owners!
Below you can find links to all other collective/domain/directory sites I find, so I don't lose them over time.
If you have any enquiry about the links here (either links to add or want yours removed, etc.),
then feel free to email me at xeno.durandal-at-gmail.com.
These are all alphabetically oredered only, and house all sorts of sites from shrines to graphics.
Click on a link, and you might just get instantly transmitted to your next favourite site!

Please note this is a temporary version of the site; a proper layout will be up soon!

links without buttons
afanatic.org Akedia.net AstralDream.net Eien-Melody.net Ephemeral-Dream.com Gagharv.org Hakuren.org Heartilly.com Kira.nu Paper Cranes Raygunsue.org RE:flera.org Rigelatin Seasons of Summer Storyteller.nightbringer.net Sunlit-Earth.net Sutarodo.net UrbanGeisha.net Wing-Heart.org

closed sites/dead links

closed sites/dead links without buttons
asterial.net // hyrule.nu // skyblade.org // shinkirou.net // kuchuu.org // fake-reflection.com // krescentmoon.net // sohryu.nu